While a few select moments from IT: Chapter 2 were previewed at Comic-Con this summer, there has been a straight up online drought when it comes to seeing anything from this blockbuster horror sequel. CinemaCon is current going on in Las Vegas, and while we can't see it for ourselves, we do have a description of the footage that has oozed out of the exhibitors' convention.

First up, this footage is being called very bloody and gory. And yes, it included the return of killer clown Pennywise, as played by Bill Skarsgård. Apparently, the dancing monster is scarier than he's ever been. And he's back to consume the living members of the adult Losers Club.

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Warner Bros. started their epic presentation-ending event for IT: Chapter 2 with director Andy Muschietti wondering onstage amidst a sea of iconic red balloons. He then welcomed the younger and older versions of the Losers Club actors onstage. In attendance was Isaiah Mustafa and Chosen Jacobs as Mike Hanlon, Jay Ryan and Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben Hanscom, Andy Bean and Wyatt Oleff as Stan Uris, James Ransone and Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie Kaspbrak, Jessica Chastain and Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh, and Bill Hader and Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier. James McAvoy showed up solo as Bill Denbrough, as young actor Jaeden Martell couldn't make the show.

The footage was screened to a packed house, and as Warner Bros. is trying to sell this movie to theater distributors around the country, they came packing their A game. The preview kicked off with Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh. We see her returning to her childhood apartment in Derry. An elderly lady welcomes her inside. She soon discovers that her father has died. She is welcomed to stay, and rummages through the house, finding the postcard that Ben gave her years ago. In the background lurks a very creepy unidentified character. A figure is dragged into a room. The two women don't notice.

What Beverly does notice is all the flies buzzing around the old woman. Something is off. And the place doesn't smell right. The new owner is quite unsettling. The lady tells Bev, '"You know what they say about Derry - no one who dies here ever really dies." As Beverly looks around the room, she notices family photos that look a century old. One features the old lady's father. He is smiling. He looks like Pennywise.

This is when things fly off the handle. The old lady strips naked and charges Ms. Marsh, clawing at her and spitting, 'I was always a daddy's girl. Are you a daddy's girl, Beverly?'

This ignites what is being described as one very terrifying preview presentation. The trailer is expected to drop for everyone soon. But here, we're reintroduce to the Losers Club, though they have all grown up and are now living in present day. Along with Chastain as Beverly Marsh, we get to see Bill Hader as Richie Tozier, James McAvoy as Bill Denbrough, Jay Ryan as Ben Hanscom, James Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak, Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon and Andy Bean Stanley Uris. The quick clips go by at a furious pace, as the screen is doused with blood, gore and the triumphant rerun of everyone's favorite clown Pennywise.

There are a few sorted flashbacks of the Losers Club as kids. One shot shows the adult version of the Losers Club staring in a store window, only to see their younger reflections staring back at them. Pennywise's presence can be felt in every frame, as Derry descends into chaos, and there are plenty of red balloons to go around. The footage ends with Pennywise popping into frame. He doesn't appear to have aged a day as he sinisterly cracks open his evil mouth to vomit out a very scary, 'Hello.' Over all, the footage flew by at a quick rate, and was fairly short.

IT: Chapter 2 will take place roughly 27 years after we last saw the Losers Club as they defeated Pennywise the dancing clown. They have all grown up and moved apart. Then one fateful night, the old friends receive a devastating phone call that brings them all back to their childhood home and the terror that continues to lurk there, in the shadows. But Pennywise won't be creeping in the darkness for long. As he seems quite eager to show himself.

IT: Chapter 2 will be hitting theaters across the country on September 6, and its expected to be one of this Fall's biggest hits. The first entry racked up $327.5 million in the U.S., going onto earn $700.4 million worldwide to become one of the biggest horror movies of all time. It was made on a low budget of just $35 million. You can check out some of the descriptions from those in attendance.

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