It looks like Andres Muschietti has done it again. The director was on hand along with the adult Losers' Club cast of IT Chapter Two at the annual ScareDiego event where they unveiled some full scenes from the highly anticipated sequel. Conan O'Brien moderated the event and was even able to persuade Jessica Chastain and Muschietti to perform a song that they often sing in between takes, much to Chastain's embarrassment. With that being said, they sounded really good together.

Speaking of Jessica Chastain, she's pretty sure IT Chapter Two is going to break the horror record for the most fake blood ever used during a production. As for the footage shown off down in San Diego, the first scene features the adult Losers' Club meeting together for the first time in nearly 30 years in a Chinese restaurant. Right away, attendees were struck by the chemistry of the cast, noting that it looks like they're all real long-time friends. Things begin to get dark and one person in attendance said it ended up getting "creepy as f*ck."

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Andres Muschietti revealed he was able to get his first pick of the cast. Everybody said yes to jumping on board IT Chapter Two without any problems, which is pretty awesome for the director. The second scene features Bill at a carnival inside of a funhouse trying to save a child from Pennywise, which already sounds disturbing as all hell. However, things start to get "trippy," according to one person in attendance. Once Pennywise makes his appearance, the trippy feeling goes out the window and the scene quickly turns into a beautiful horrifying mess. It's one of the scenes that was not originally in Stephen King's original source material.

As for the final scene from IT Chapter Two shown at ScareDiego, it has the adult Losers' Club returning to the Neibolt house. Fans will recognize the house as the abandoned place where the children faced off against Pennywise last time. One of the coolest things about the scene, which star Bill Hader was proud of himself for noticing, is that there is a homage to John Carpenter's iconic horror movie The Thing. Andres Muschietti is not pulling any punches when it comes to one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

If all of that wasn't enough, Andres Muschietti and the cast unveiled the IT Chapter Two trailer, which will be live tomorrow morning at 9 AM Pacific Time. We won't give too much away about said trailer, but it one person says it deserved a standing ovation. Keep in mind that's referring to a trailer and not an actual scene from the sequel. If people weren't already hyped to see IT Chapter Two, they should be now. Now all we have to do is wait for Warner Bros. to drop the trailer. You can check out some early reactions to the footage below.