A brand new poster for IT Chapter Two has floated to the surface. Today is a big day, perhaps the biggest day, for those horror fans all around the world who are excited about the return of Pennywise and The Losers Club. Not only is this new poster here to help send chills and thrills down our spines, but Warner Bros. also debuted the first teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel which, much like this poster, didn't skimp on the red balloons.

The poster resembles, aesthetically, in many ways, the main teaser poster for the first IT. The black, foggy background, Pennywise's arm extending from the shadows. Georgie is absent, but for good reason. In his stead, the child-eating clown is extending not one, but two of his signature red balloons out, pinched between his fingers. Two because this is "chapter two." Not exactly subtle, though no less effective. The word "IT" doesn't even appear on the poster. The imagery is more than enough to let everyone know what this is. It's sparse yet potently creepy. The poster was shared with the following, very simple caption.

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"Want a balloon? #ITMovie"

It's clear that the studio knows just how feverish moviegoers are about the sequel. The first movie was such a tremendous, unexpected success, grossing $700 million at the global box office. As such, they don't need to give nearly as much away in the marketing this time around. They can afford to be a bit sparse. Make us wait. Because people are going to show up in droves on opening weekend this fall no matter what. Two red balloons and a bit of Pennywise's arm is all they're going to need.

IT: Chapter 2 picks up 27 years after the events of the first movie, with the Losers all returning to Derry, Maine where they're forced to confront Pennywise once more. James McAvoy (Bill Denbrough), Jessica Chastain (Beverly Marsh), Bill Hader (Richie Tozier), Isaiah Mustafa (Mike Hanlon), Jay Ryan (Ben Hanscom), James Ransone (Eddie Kaspbrak) and Andy Bean (Stanley Uris) make up the adult version of The Losers Club. Even though it's set years later, the younger versions of The Losers Club from the first movie, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Chosen Jacobs, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff and Jaeden Lieberher, are all set to return.

Perhaps most importantly, Bill Skarsgard returns once more as Pennywise. And for those who might have missed it, there is plenty of him in the new trailer. Director Andy Muschietti, who finally managed to bring Stephen King's beloved and classic novel to the big screen after many years of the project being stuck in development hell, returns to helm the follow-up. Gary Dauberman, who worked on the screenplay for the first installment, returned to pen the sequel. IT: Chapter 2 is set to hit theaters on September 6. Be sure to check out the new poster from the official IT Movie Twitter below.

IT Chapter Two poster
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