Mama director Andy Muschietti's two-part adaptation of Stephen King's magnum opus IT, starring Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Dancing Clown reaches its end this September. And today we have word from Muschietti himself that while the sequel honors the spirit of King's novel, IT Chapter Two features some intentionally surprising detours and departures.

Specifically, Andres Muschietti says this.

"Even though we stay true to the spirit of the original story, there's some changes and detours and departures that are very interesting. You know, [keep] the audience surprised and for people who've read the book."

He continues on to say:

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"The only existing maze was the challenge of making a second part, in terms of script, was basically keeping the tension all the time, condensing all the events that happened in this timeline into almost like a real-time journey. So, we had to interlace some of the events, or connect some events - in the book, they're a little looser - and staying true to the emotion of that section, and also turn the screws of tension here and there, and also create events that make things more difficult. Create obstacles and diversion and forces that are not necessarily in the book."

Andy's sister and producer Barabra Muschietti was on-hand for this particular interview as well. The filmmaking duo talked a bit about how the script for IT: Chapter Two came together with the on-set help of Wonder Woman and Ice Age: Continental Drift screenwriter Jason Fuchs.

Barbara Muschietti says this.

"[We started working on the script in] August. I think it was before we came out with Chapter One. We were already working on ideas, and then Gary started putting it together with Andy. You know Andy's very much the mastermind of the story, and he knows very well what movie he wants to make. So we had a great journey with Gary. And then when Gary left for Annabelle, we started working with Jason Fuchs who did an amazing job taking us to the finish line. It was great. Yeah. I'm very happy."

Andy then added this.

"Yeah. And having Jason on also during the shoot. It was a weird thing because there were things changing every time. The great thing about staying open on-set [is] new things appear and new questions are asked, so it's not an iron script anymore. So okay, "We still didn't shoot Scene 74, so we are going to translate this question into that." That was what was great about having a writer during production. So, Jason did a great job."

For those of you out there that might not know, IT: Chapter Two picks up 27 years after the original movie. It follows the adult members of the Loser's Club returning to the haunted streets of Derry to put an end to the demonic entity known as IT once and for all. Warner Bros. Pictures will unleash this new Pennywise tale into a theater near you on September 6, 2019. Meanwhile, this update comes to us from Collider.

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