The initial box office tracking for IT Chapter Two is here and it's looking very good for the highly anticipated sequel. The first installment hit theaters in 2017 and now holds the record for highest grossing debut weekend of September. If that wasn't enough, Andres Muschietti's big screen adaptation of Stephen King's iconic source material is the highest grossing R-rated horror movie of all time. And now, it looks like the sequel may be able to break some more records when it hits theaters this fall.

IT Chapter Two is expected to bring in anywhere from $110 million to $150 million during its opening weekend at the box office. To put things in perspective, the first installment surprised everybody and made $123.4 million right out of the gate. This means the sequel is on track to beat that and possibly even take down Deadpool and Deadpool 2 for the highest grossing R-rated opening weekends. The hype is strong with IT Chapter Two as fans look forward to seeing how Andres Muschietti finishes Stephen King's story.

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Even conservative estimates are finding $136 million to be the number for IT Chapter Two, which means it would clear the aforementioned highest grossing R-rated opening weekend and highest September opening. The first footage recently dropped and it did not look like what many people were expecting it to, which is definitely a good thing since some are wondering if Andres Muschietti will be able to keep things moving forward, as opposed to featuring what worked so well with the first movie. With that being said, we are looking at an entirely new Losers' Club.

The Losers' Club are all adults in IT Chapter Two and Pennywise is more angry than ever, according to actor Bill Skarsgard. "He's scarier and he's angrier. There's a couple of very brutal things in the film," said Skarsgard when asked about his character's mindset this time around. While the cast and crew all had a great time working together on the set, Skarsgard was truly able to scare his adult co-stars, much like he was able to do with the kids on the first installment.

IT Chapter 2 features the adult versions of Bill Denbrough (James McAvoy), Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain), Richie Tozier (Bill Hader), Ben Hanscom (Jay Ryan), Stanley Uris (Andy Bean), Mike Hanlon (Isaiah Mustafa), and Eddie Kaspbrak (James Ransone). The younger cast from 2017's IT is on board for flashback sequences, which Finn Wolfhard recently confirmed, also noting that they had a lot of fun making the sequel, even though they're not in the movie as much as they were the first time around. As for more footage dropping, we very well could see something by the end of the week at San Diego Comic-Con. That has yet to be confirmed, but we'll find out soon enough. The initial IT Chapter Two numbers were originally reported by Box Office Pro.