Some folks have already been lucky enought to see IT Chapter Two. So, what did they think? A handful of critics have made their voices known on social media, and the reaction is mixed, to say the least. On one hand, some critics are calling it a bloated mess, then on the other hand you have some critics calling it, perhaps, the scariest of the Stephen King movie adaptations this far. Though, it doesn't quite appear that this latest entry in the horror genre can quite live up to the 80s themed original. Which will come as a disappointment to some.

The terrifyingly creepy, bizarrely dancing clown Pennywise is back, and this time, it's even more personal than it was before. IT Chapter Two is once again adapted from the 1986 Stephen King novel, and follows on 27 years after 2017's II, with the second chapter picking up with our intrepid Losers' Club, who are now all grown up and living very separate lives. Having defeated the murderous Pennywise and seemingly banished him from the town of Derry, the club are brought back together when the evil clown returns and starts once again stealing children to satisfy his large appetite.

Mike, now played by Isaiah Mustafa, the only member to have remained in the haunted town, calls the others home to make good on their pledge to defeat Pennywise, whatever it takes. Damaged by the experiences of their past encounter, they must each face their greatest fears to defeat the mysterious entity once and for all. Unfortunately for our heroes, Pennywise has become even deadlier than it once was and is more than capable of making these adults feel more like children than ever before.

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Alongside Mustafa, IT Chapter 2 has brought together quite the cast to play the adult Losers' Club, including Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Bill Hader, Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy as our group's leader.

The first IT was incredibly well received by both audiences and critics alike, and currently holds a deliciously fresh rating of 86% on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. Plaudits were thrown at the gang of child actors, who demonstrated more talent than most adults, as well as the bone-chilling performance from Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård as the clown-guise Pennywise of the titular It. This combination of convincing screams and convincing scares were of course heightened further by the work of the relatively new director Andy Muschietti, who off the back of horror flick Mama, has proven his penchant for frightening audiences and returns for IT Chapter 2.

Besides the critical acclaim, the first IT went on to achieve a massive box office earning of $327 million domestically and a total of over $700 million globally, making the film the highest earning horror film of all time. Apparently people love terrifying clowns, who knew? Well, it's lucky audiences do love the horrific antics of Pennywise so much, as the sequel is almost upon us and we now have the first reactions courtesy of Twitter.

Jon Fuge