IT Chapter Two tickets are officially on sale. This is easily one of the most highly-anticipated movies of 2019 and, considering the record-breaking run the first movie had, we can only assume demand to see Pennywise's return is going to be through the roof on this one. To commemorate the occasion, several new posters and a featurette which brings with it brand new footage have been released online. Long story short, it's a good day for those who like creepy clowns.

Starting with the featurette, it showcases a behind the scenes look at the second half of this epic tale, which is adapted from the Stephen King novel of the same name. King appears in the video, alongside director Andy Muschietti and various members of the cast to discuss what audiences can expect from the follow-up to 2017's Chapter One. Without getting too spoilery, the video also brings with it some new footage, mostly focused on the adult version of The Losers Club, as well as some new looks at Bill Skarsgard's return as Pennywise.

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As for the posters, they all highlight the killer clown. IMAX released a pair of them, with one featuring Pennywise hiding behind a massive wall of his signature red balloons. It comes with the tagline, "It all ends in IMAX." The other IMAX image features Pennwysie's face from the eyes up, with a notice that tickets are now on sale pasted on his pale white, creepy face. Dolby also released a new poster. Similarly, it focuses on the clown's face, with a red stripe of paint leading up to his eye. Blood red visions of the adult Losers are walking up this stripe to confront Pennywise once again.

IT Chapter Two picks up 27 years after the events of the first movie. The Losers Club has disbanded, but they're called back to Derry, Maine and, upon reuniting, they must once again confront Pennywise and finish what they started all those many years ago. The adult Losers will be played by James McAvoy (Bill Denbrough), Jessica Chastain (Beverly Marsh), Bill Hader (Richie Tozier), Isaiah Mustafa (Mike Hanlon), Jay Ryan (Ben Hanscom), James Ransone (Eddie Kaspbrak) and Andy Bean (Stanley Uris). Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Chosen Jacobs, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jack Dylan Grazer and Wyatt Olef also return as the young versions of the Losers.

IT wound up becoming a bonafide pop culture phenomenon, riding a wave of buzz to $700 million at the global box office. That makes the Stephen King adaptation the highest-grossing horror movie of all time. Even with a 2 hour and 45-minute runtime, the sequel is poised to become one of the biggest hits of the year. IT Chapter Two is set to hit theaters on September 6. Those interested in grabbing presale tickets can head on over to Fandango, or their preferred retailer. Be sure to check out the new featurette and posters below.

IT Chapter 2 tickets on sale

IT Chapter 2 IMAX poster

IT Chapter 2 Dolby poster

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