We finally have a look at the extended ending for Stephen King's IT. And it perfectly sets up Chapter 2. IT was, without question, one of the biggest hits of 2017. The movie was expected to do well, given the hype surrounding it, but the degree to which it succeeded blew the doors off of even the wildest expectations. Now, as the movie arrives on Blu-ray/DVD (if you're feeling fancy, 4K Ultra HD), an extended scene from IT has arrived online that not only adds a bit to the ending of the movie, but teases the return of Pennywise.

The scene doesn't change anything about the ending as we know it from the theatrical release of IT. The difference is, we don't just roll credits after Beverly and Bill kiss. Instead, we see Bill return home, getting ready to head on a vacation with his parents. As the family drives away down the streets of Derry, they pass a storm drain. The camera then focuses on the storm drain and, though we don't actually see Pennywise, it's a clear tease to his inevitable return in IT: Chapter 2, which is already on the fast track at New Line.

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During the climax of IT, the members of The Losers Club defeat Pennywise in the sewers and the terrifying clown appears to be beaten. They all make a pact to reunite in 27 years when and if Pennywise returns. Those who have read Stephen King's novel, or watched the 1990 miniseries, know good and well that Pennywise will be back to get revenge on The Losers Club. So this feels like an appropriate tease, but director Andy Muschietti ultimately decided that he wanted to end the movie on something of a less ominous and dark note.

The IT Blu-ray contains 11 deleted and/or extended scenes and several featurettes. The bonus features are pretty solid, but we know that director Andy Muschietti is working on a director's cut of the movie as well. That director's cut isn't on this version of the home video released, so that means the studio is probably going to release another version of it down the line. Not only is there a decent chance this extended scene could be in it, but that's something you may want to consider before rushing out and buying the movie right away.

IT: Chapter 2 is currently in development, with director Andy Muschietti slated to return for the sequel, which arrives in theaters on September 6, 2019. Warner Bros. and New Line are working as quickly as possible, since the first movie made just shy of $700 million at the global box office. Add a healthy chunk of home video sales to that and you can only imagine how eager they are to cash in on the sequel. Plus, fans are just as excited to see more from Pennywise and The Losers Club. Be sure to check out the IT alternate ending, courtesy of the Mega Movie Clips YouTube channel, for yourself below.