The record-breaking horror movie IT, which is now available to purchase digitally, has a new deleted scene, which features an alternate beginning to the movie and it is hilarious. There are 15 minutes of deleted scenes in total with another one offering an alternative ending, so the special features offer a very different movie when looked at as a whole, but they were definitely cut out for a reason. In addition, it has been announced that we will get a director's cut of IT a few months after the Blu-ray is released next month that will more than likely use the same deleted scenes.

Entertainment Weekly has gotten their hands on the first deleted scene for the digital version of IT and it's a comedy skit, more than likely filmed for the Blu-ray release and nothing more. The scene shows Georgie sailing his ship in the gutter, just like the original, but there's a twist this time. The ship obviously goes into the sewer and Georgie meets Pennywise, but this time, there's a different outcome. When Pennywise offers the ship back to Georgie, he takes it and says, "thanks," skipping off in the rain to go have more fun, leaving Pennywise alone in the sewer very frustrated. The scene is funny and shows off Bill Skarsgard doing normal comedy and not just creepy comedy.

The deleted scenes for Andres Muschietti's IT were recently examined and hardcore Stephen King fans were sad to learn that the famous baby eating scene that was filmed, is not included in the deleted scenes. But, this does not mean that the scene will go to waste. When talking about the scene that takes place in the 1600s before Pennywise was Pennywise, Bill Skarsgard said that the scene was really dark and featured him without the makeup, looking more like himself. He also noted that the footage may get used for IT 2, which hits theaters in 2019.

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The sequel to IT will go on to tell the rest of Stephen King's massive story and takes place nearly 30 years after the events of the first installment, featuring the Loser's Club as adults. Although nothing has been officially confirmed, Andres Muschietti and his sister Barbara have talked about bringing the original cast back together to film flashbacks, which makes perfect sense and will better tell the story in the book. Pennywise will return in some form or another for the sequel and you can be sure he won't be like the nice clown who lets Georgie escape.

IT has gone on to break R-rated horror movie records and is still in select theaters after making nearly $700 million worldwide. And for fans who can't get enough, the Blu-ray with all of the bells, whistles and severed kiddie arms, will be out on January 9th, 2018, with the director's cut coming a few months afterwards as confirmed by director Andres Muschietti. While we wait for said director's cut, you check out a comedic scene from IT that didn't make the cut via Entertainment Weekly.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick