Following what many consider to be a disappointing summer movie season, quite a few movie fans are ready to move on to greener pastures. Or in this case, bloody sewers. IT is set to arrive in theaters on September 8 and the hype seems as though it could not be any more real at this point. The highly-anticipated Stephen King adaptation is just around the corner, and now we have three new clips from IT to creep you out and get you ready for what could be the greatest horror movie of the year.

Flicks and The City Clips released three full clips from IT, which give us a great look at the young kids that make up The Loser's Club interacting with another. But the main appeal is the clip that shows us a good deal of Bill Skarsgard's Pennywise. We've seen snippets of the killer clown in trailers and TV spots, but this clip actually gives us a sense of his performance and it is truly unsettling and absolutely terrifying.

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The first clip is the famous Georgie scene, which has been teased in the trailers. We see Georgie's boat float down into the sewer and then Pennywise appears with it in hand, offering it back. All the while, he is trying to lure Georgie down into the sewer. It isn't so much that Pennywise is deliberately being scary that makes this so chilling. It is the fact that he is trying to be so welcoming that makes it work. This is just a small taste and considering that the movie is said to be over two hours long, there is going to be a lot more of Bill Skarsgard's performance to love.

The other two clips show The Loser's Club at various points in the movie. One has them all gathered around discussing the events happening in their town and sharing information about what they've heard and why this is all happening. The other clip has several members of the gang investigating the sewers and finding the shoe of someone who went missing. That turns into a spirited debate as to whether or not they should go looking. As one can understand, there is some hesitation.

Box office tracking for IT is currently putting it around $60 million for opening weekend, which would easily be the biggest September opening of all-time. Considering that the early reactions to IT have been overwhelmingly positive, that number could go even higher. Though, as Stephen King made it clear over the weekend, Donald Trump won't be allowed to see it anytime soon if the horror author has his way. But the POTUS could still sneak into that clown only screening with barely a disguise. Full reviews for the movie haven't arrived yet, but given the response on social media, it seems like they are going to be quite good. That means the already planned IT movie sequel is likely to become a major priority for the studio. Be sure to check out the new clips from Andres Muschietti's IT for yourself below..

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott