A new deleted scene from the Blu-ray release of IT has surfaced online and it features Henry Bower's killing spree. In the final cut of Andres Muschietti's IT, Bowers brutally murders his father after being taunted by Pennywise the clown through the TV via a children's show. The scene is powerful, as it gives even greater insight as to why Henry Bower is the type of bully he is, and it's a direct result of his relationship with his father, who taunts his son even more than Henry terrorizes the town. As it turns out, Henry's killing spree only starts with his father.

The Blu-ray special edition of IT is already available for purchase in Australia and some of the deleted scenes have started to make their way online. In a movie about Pennywise the Dancing Clown, you'd expect him to get all of the gruesome glory, and for the most part, it's true. However, in a deleted scene that takes place after Henry Bower kills his father, the young bully gets his own murderous spotlight. When Bowers shows up towards the end of the movie, he has more blood on his face, which many assumed was from killing his father, but in addition to killing his dad, he also slit the throats of his friends Belch and Victor.

The deleted scene is only about 25 seconds long, so it's hard to understand why it was not included in the final cut. One of the main reasons may have been because of the image of Belch and Victor in the back of the car with their throats slit, but it's no more gory than anything else that is shown in the movie. The scene could have been left in the final cut just to show how far Henry Bowers had become unhinged, driving the point home even further. Plus, the scene doesn't show the deaths of the friends, it just shows Henry chatting with them in the car, highlighting his descent into madness.

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IT fans hoping for the now mythical deleted scene that Bill Skarsgard talked about involving Pennywise before he was Pennywise back in the 1600s, is sadly not included. The scene depicts Pennywise eating a baby and will more than likely end up getting used for IT 2. The sequel will tell the story of the Loser's Club nearly 30 years after the events of the first movie and will include flashbacks of when they were children along with the origin of Pennywise.

IT comes to Blu-ray and DVD on January 9th, but is available to stream digitally now without the bonus features of the Blu-ray. Also not included in the upcoming Blu-ray edition of IT is the director's cut, which Andres Muschietti has promised will come out a few months after the release of the Blu-ray, but no official release date has been given. You can check out the latest gory deleted scene from IT below, courtesy of Kameron Gaming's YouTube channel.

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