IT had a scene that was just too disturbing to make it to the big screen, and it's not the young teen orgy scene that you're thinking of. The movie is now the highest grossing R-rated horror movie of all time as well as the highest earning Stephen King adaptation and the fastest grossing movie for a September opening. If that weren't enough, IT would have probably been a contender for the most disturbing scene in a horror movie had it kept the original scene in where Pennywise the dancing clown munches on a baby.

Before the big screen adaptation of IT hit theaters, Pennywise actor, Bill Skarsgard, talked about a scene that was cut from the movie that was "really, really disturbing." Skarsgard said that the scene was a flashback to the 1600s before Pennywise was Pennywise. The actor had this to say.

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"The scene turned out really, really disturbing. And I'm not the clown. I look more like myself. It's very disturbing, and sort of a backstory for what IT is, or where Pennywise came from."

As it turns out, Bill Skarsgard didn't go into details about what made the scene so disturbing, but the script for IT has been leaked and we now know why. It is important to note that this scene may very well end up in IT 2, so you have been warned of a potential spoiler.

Actor Timothy Simons (Veep) recently revealed that he tried out for the part of Pennywise on the Throwing Shade podcast, which led to the host, Bryan Safi, to read a portion of the leaked script on a recent episode. It isn't clear how the script became available, but it is official. The aforementioned scene can be read in its entirety from Reddit and as Bill Skarsgard said, it's really, really disturbing and even more so after seeing the movie.

The Pennywise origin scene would have shown the clown before he was the clown, without the makeup, as Bill Skarsgard mentioned, but it also would have had Pennywise eating a baby. The script reads.

"She's shaking, doesn't want to let go. Behind her, the Door OPENS. A Little Boy, 6, asks, 'Mama?' ABIGAIL, 'NO! OUT! NOW!' Frightened by his mother, the Boy runs. Abigail turns back to Pennywise. Wherever he may be now in the room. The light somehow seems to spin faster now. She kisses her baby and sets it down. It BAWLS. ABIGAIL, 'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...'"

The scene is already pretty vivid and before Pennywise came into the scene, he was trying to figure out which form to appear as. The next portion of the deleted scene from IT is highly disturbing, so you have been warned. The script continues.

"She turns away from the baby. Faces those dying embers. We keep on her face as they seem to begin GLOWING BRIGHTER AS, OVER HER SHOULDER, OUT OF FOCUS...Pennywise crawls over to the Baby and starts to feast. SHARP CRY FROM THE BABY CUT OFF as we hear a CRUNCH. Abigail continues to look into the BRIGHT ORANGE GLOW of not the flickering fire...But the DEADLIGHTS. Her expression changing. Fear. Denial. Grief. Acceptance. And then nothing. Just a glazed look."

Depending on your thought process, that scene may or may not have been more disturbing than the orgy scene, but for many, it wins for the most disturbing scene cut from Andres Muschietti's IT. Since we know that a scene from the 1600s was shot, thanks to Bill Skarsgard, it is possible that the whole scene was shot, which would certainly clarify why Skarsgard doubled down on the "really, really disturbing" aspect. You can check out the rest of the scene via Reddit, which gives more of an introduction to this cut moment.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick