Andres Muschietti's IT was highly anticipated, but not many expected to become the highest grossing R-rated horror movie in box office history, earning nearly $700 million worldwide. The 2-hour big screen adaptation of Stephen King's classic did an incredible job of telling the story behind the massive book, and a sequel is already in the works to further continue this horrifying saga. A few scenes that didn't make it into the final cut of IT have been talked about before, including a specific scene that details Pennywise the dancing clown's origins, but did it make it into the deleted scenes on the Blu-ray, or will it be used for Chapter 2?

The Blu-ray release of IT is scheduled to come out on January 9th, 2018 and has uncovered the list of every deleted scene that has made it on to the home release. However, fans expecting to see Pennywise the dancing clown back in the 1600s, before he was Pennywise will be sorely disappointed. Bill Skarsgard talked about the scene and revealed that he was not in the clown makeup and that he looked more like himself. In addition, Pennywise ate a baby, but it appears that the scene will more than likely end up getting used in IT 2.

The deleted scenes included in the Blu-ray release of IT sound horrifying and hilarious, which perfectly matches what we saw on the big screen. The first handful of scenes begin with 'Georgie Catches Boat' (Opening Gag Scene), when Georgie grabs for the boat in the opening...He gets it and walks away, saying "See you later!" to a frustrated Pennywise. 'Stanley's Dad corrects him' (Extended scene) is next and shows Stanley reciting Hebrew in a synagogue, but his Dad jumps in to correct his pronunciation. 'Denbrough family dinner' shows Bill sitting at the dinner table while his Dad reads a magazine and his Mom cleans up. Bill starts talking about their family trip for the year, but his Mom walks off upset. His Dad explains that Georgie was really looking forward to it.

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Next up is a scene called 'Bill's Dad looks in the basement, et all', which shows Bill after he has had his encounter with Pennywise in the basement, running into his father. His Dad has a look in the basement, doesn't find anything, and tells Bill to go to bed. Meanwhile, Henry tries to sneak out past his Dad, and gets into a car with Victor and Belch. They see Mike ride past on his bike. The 'Outside the Neibolt house' scene is next and shows Mike, Beverly, Ben, and Stanley outside the house while Bill, Eddie, and Richie are inside. Stanley talks about not being able to go inside while Mike comforts him. 'Evacuating the Neibolt house' (Extended scene) is just an extended scene of the Losers' Club leaving the house and getting on their bikes, nothing too exciting.

'Stanley's Bar Mitzvah speech' is up next and is pretty self-explanatory. Stanley delivers a speech after his Bar Mitzvah about "indifference," during which there's a brief montage showing what the other kids are up to. He makes a bit of a scene and storms off while Richie claps. The next deleted scene shows 'Eddie at Keene's pharmacy' (Extended scene), which is just an extended scene at the pharmacy as Eddie talks to the girl who signs his cast with "Loser." 'Henry and Bullies wait outside' (Extended scene) is next up and shows the Losers' Club as they head into the Neibolt house, Henry sitting in his car with his face covered in blood. Belch and Victor are dead with throats slit. 'The Losers find Georgie's Walkie' features Bill as he picks up Georgie's walkie talkie right before Henry attacks Mike at the top of the well. 'Denbrough family vacation' is the final deleted scene and serves as an alternate ending. It shows Bill after saying goodbye to Beverly at the end of the movie, while his parents are packing for the family vacation that he was talking about in an earlier deleted scene. As the car drives away, the camera pulls in to the drain where Georgie was taken. Camera stops, and rain starts to hit the pavement.

While nothing listed is too special, it certainly is intriguing. Most of the deleted stuff that the cast had talked about in interviews will more than likely show up in IT 2, which is expected to include many flashbacks to the first installment. The movie takes place nearly 30 years after the events of IT and we'll see the Loser's Club as adults, but not much information is available at this time other than it will be out in 2019. You can check out some more information about the IT Blu-ray release via

Kevin Burwick