Andrés Muschietti is just weeks away from releasing his big screen adaptation of Stephen King's iconic novel IT and he just admitted that he is "not a fan" of the original 1990 miniseries. Fans have been left terrified from the book and the 1990 miniseries for decades with the latter holding up remarkably well for a show that came out in 1990, but Muschietti doesn't think so. The news comes at a time when it has been predicted that IT is on track to break September box office records with a $50 million dollar opening.

For many adults of a specific age, Tim Curry's Pennywise was a childhood introduction into true fear. Everybody seemed to know somebody that had the IT miniseries on a VHS tape that had the name scrawled on a title sticker that had been placed over the previous title sticker. IT served as a nightmare inducing introduction into the twisted mind of Stephen King and many hold the miniseries in high regard. Though it came out in 1990, which might as well have been 1985 at the time, it still holds up and is a bonafide horror classic. But to some, the book is always better, you know "that" person. Everybody knows that person, "the book was better."

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Andrés Muschietti is apparently "that" guy. In a recent interview with SFX, the director revealed that he did not care for the original miniseries and that he was a fan of the book first. The director explains.

"To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of the miniseries. I was not a child anymore when it came out in 1990. So, my attachment was very much to the book and to the world of Stephen King more than the miniseries."

Andres Muschietti went on to say that nostalgia is the reason that most people still enjoy the miniseries and that a lot of people only truly remember the iconic scenes. Muschietti had this to say.

"I totally acknowledge how iconic that miniseries was for a generation. But also, you have to say that it impacted that generation because they saw it with very young eyes as a TV movie or on VHS. A lot of people don't remember the whole thing, but they are terrified of the iconic scenes of the clown behind the sheets in the beginning and the storm drain."

For some, those are fighting words, but Andrés Muschietti may have a point. People do tend to hold on to things from childhood no matter how cheesy they have become over time and the IT miniseries may fall into that category. We'll have to wait and see how Muschietti's adaptation goes over, which is on track to do pretty well, at least for its opening weekend. The director has also talked a lot about a potential sequel to his IT remake that would include scenes from the book that were left out of his latest remake, which is promising from the guy that loves the book so much.

Andrés Muschietti's IT remake does have the stamp of approval from Stephen King and all of trailers have been promising thus far, but only time will tell if the director has made something that will be as remembered as those old, clunky VHS tapes of the 1990 miniseries. We live in an age where movies aren't as tangible anymore, as most people download or stream them and therefore, movies come and go within the blink of an eye. Let's hope that Andrés Muschietti has done what he intended to do with his vision of IT, but if he hasn't, there's always the original 1990 miniseries and book to keep us satisfied.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick