Andy Muschietti has confirmed that a director's cut of IT is coming in 2018. We first heard of a director's cut shortly after the movie was released, but haven't heard much about it since. If you loved IT, this should come as a bit of good news, but it also could be potentially frustrating for those who want to own the movie on digital or Blu-ray in the near future. Before we dig into any potential frustration, let's start with the good. Muschietti was recently asked about the possible director's cut on Instagram and he did confirm that such a version of IT is still happening. Here's what he had to say about it.

"Yes, but in a few months"
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The upcoming IT Blu-ray, which releases on January 9, is loaded with special features but, most importantly, it has 11 deleted scenes. This is very important when it comes to this director's cut, as there's a lot of footage that didn't make it into the theatrical version of the movie. So there's plenty to work with for a director's cut and that gives an actual reason for director Andy Muschietti to do one. This doesn't feel like a simple cash grab by the studio. At least in that respect. However, this is starting to feel like a bit of a cash grab in another respect, even though, artistically, an IT director's cut with more Pennywise feels appropriate.

IT is currently available to download on digital platforms and the Blu-ray/DVD release is coming in just a couple of weeks. That means quite a few fans of the movie are going to rush out and buy it. However, there's this director's cut coming in a few months. So, does that mean Warner Bros. is going to release another "deluxe edition" of some kind later in 2018? Will those who purchased the first Blu-ray release find themselves frustrated over wanting to buy another copy?

It seems likely, one way or another, that the studio is going to try to find a way to capitalize on fans wanting to see this director's cut of IT. But from a business perspective, who could blame them? IT is one of the biggest hits of 2017, having grossed $697 million worldwide. Why not try to milk a little more money out of it? They could even do a special, limited theatrical release of the director's cut if they want. Fox did this with the black and white noir version of Logan, for example.

Focusing on the good here, we're going to get a longer version of IT, which should be awesome. There's the now famous scrapped scene where Pennywise eats a baby. Could we possibly see this in Andy Muschietti's director's cut? Bloody Disgusting wasn't able to confirm any further details, but at least we know it's happening for sure. It'll certainly help hold us over until IT: Chapter Two arrives in September 2019.