Andres Muschietti's IT is tearing it up at the box office after enjoying two consecutive weekends at number one and Pennywise is looking to celebrate the enormous success of the movie. What better way to celebrate than dance, since that's what Pennywise the Dancing Clown does best. Well, that and scaring the crap out of people in the process. A new set of videos released prove that Pennywise can pretty much dance to anything with a good beat, and he looks to really enjoy himself each time a new song gets set up.

A new Pennywise_Dance Twitter account was started and it's nothing but dancing Pennywise. Have you ever wondered if the creepy clown can dance to "Take On Me" by Norwegian group A-Ha? Well look no further because Pennywise can now be seen dancing to those iconic incredibly high vocal stylings of Morten Harket. Perhaps you'd like to see Pennywise dance to that incredibly annoying song, "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex. It's here and it might be the most frightening one out of the 27 songs currently available.

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The point of the joke account is to prove that Pennywise will dance to just about anything you play for him. How about "Barbie Girl" by Norwegian group Aqua? No problem. Even though the videos are only 15 seconds long, this one gets to be more than a little tedious. Maybe you're sick of all the silly pop music and you want something that is both heavy and disturbing. Enter Marilyn Manson's mega hit, "The Beautiful People." This song works out particularly well thanks to the maniacal jazz/swing beat and the creepiness of Pennywise and Marilyn Manson. Seriously, this one almost works too well, like Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgard worked out a routine to "The Beautiful People" while filming IT.

The dancing videos are just the latest fad to capitalize on the enormous success of the first big screen adaptation of Stephen King's IT. Before the movie even came out, IT was an extremely popular meme that has been used for just about any occasion that you can think of. IT has broken into the mainstream and the new memes and dancing Pennywise videos are just rock-solid proof that Pennywise has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Your day or night is about to get a lot better once you devote the roughly 7 minutes it takes to get through all of the dancing Pennywise videos. And make sure you watch them all because it starts to become a complete obsession after a while. Lucky for you, we've compiled every single one of Pennywise's dance videos to some of the worst songs in popular music history with a few good ones thrown in for good measure. You can decide which one are bad or good. So, sit back, kick off your shoes and enjoy about 7 minutes of Pennywise the Dancing Clown proving to the world that he can and will dance to just about everything. Even "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" by Elton John.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick