Do any two things in this world go together quite as well as metal music and horror? Probably not. Slipknot is a band that has always seemed to understand that, as their aesthetic has always been dripping with horror. But one YouTuber has taken things one step further buy giving one of Slipknot's songs a modern horror makeover. That's right, someone has dressed up as a spot-on Pennywise the clown from IT for a cover of The Devil In I by Slipknot and it is the perfect combination of creepy and awesome.

This creative and timely cover of Slipknot's The Devil In I comes to us courtesy of a YouTuber by the name of Adetue. To be quite frank, the original video for The Devil In I was already pretty well draped in horror. Not only thanks to the outfits and masks that Corey Taylor and the rest of the guys in the band are wearing, but the whole thing has a crazy Saw vibe to it. However, there's just something so unbelievably unsettling about Pennywise to begin with. Couple that with him pounding away at some very metal drums and this makes for a pretty entertaining video mashup.

Not only does Adetue totally nail the drums for this 2014 Slipknot track, but the reason the video really works is that he completely crushes the Pennywise look. In truth, one might have seen this cover of The Devil In I and thought Bill Skarsgard got talked into doing some really strange marketing for IT. The costume and makeup are pitch perfect and the video is worth watching if for no other reason than to marvel at what may be the best Pennywise cosplay you'll ever see. Also, even if you do see a great Pennywise costume elsewhere, odds are, he won't be rocking out to Slipknot on the drums.

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The video also features some nods to the IT movie, beyond just Pennywise. The intro features a baby dressed up as Georgie, yellow raincoat and all, holding a signature red balloon. It's almost cute, but then when one thinks of Georgie's ultimate fate, it quickly becomes not cute. This is clearly something from the mind of both a dedicated musician and a dedicated fan of IT. Or at the very least, someone with a painstaking passion for attention to detail.

No doubt, this video is going to attract some attention, given how popular Andy Muschietti's IT has become. The Stephen King adaptation has already grossed more than $500 million worldwide and isn't showing many signs of slowing down. And we all need something to watch while impatiently awaiting the arrival of IT: Chapter Two, which has already been given a September 6, 2019, release date. It can't come soon enough. In the meantime, be sure to check out Adetue's cover of The Devil In I as Pennywise the clown for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott