After nearly four years of development, it seems that Warner Bros.' adaptation of the beloved Stephen King novel IT is finally moving forward. We last reported on the project in July, when Andres Muschietti (Mama) was in talks to replace Cary Fukunaga at the helm, who has now signed on. Collider recently spoke with producer Roy Lee, who reveals that they hope to get production started later this year, and that it's still being crafted as a two-part movie. And that it will be Rated R.

"It will hopefully be shooting later this year. We just got the California tax credit. Gary Doberman wrote the most recent draft working with Andy Muscetti, so it's being envisioned as two movies. It is very close to the source material in one way but very different if you look at it as a literary piece of work. We're taking it and making the movie from the point of view of the kids, and then making another movie from the point of view of the adults, that could potentially then be cut together like the novel. But it's gonna be a really fun way of making this movie."

While we don't have an exact quote from Roy Lee, the producer also confirmed that the project will be rated R. /it-movie-stephen-king-remake-director-cary-fukunaga/Cary Fukunaga, who had been attached to direct since 2012, left the project last May, with Andres Muschietti coming aboard in July. We also reported in May that shooting will take place in New York City, but now it seems filming will take place in California. One of the reasons Cary Fukunaga reportedly backed away from the project was because he insisted on shooting it in New York, which the studio deemed to be too expensive. The project was first set up at Warner Bros., before shifting to New Line Cinema and then going back to Warner Bros. last year. Roy Lee also teased that the final draft of the script is nearly complete.

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"We are very close to turning in the final draft of the script. It's mainly working on it for budgeting purposes to make it fit within the budget that we have."

The first movie will follow a group of 7 children terrorized by an eponymous being, which exploits the fears and phobias of its victims in order to disguise itself while hunting its prey. IT primarily appears in the form of a clown in order to attract its preferred prey of young children. The second movie will follow the 7 individuals as grown ups, as they set out to defeat IT. Will Poulter was originally set to play Pennywise the Clown in Cary Fukunaga's version. His involvement is not known at this time. The actor, best known for his roles in We're the Millers and The Maze Runner, is not officially signed on. But there is a possibility that he will return depending on scheduling and a few other factors.

The massive box office success Deadpool may very well lead the way for more studios to consider R-rated projects. It isn't known if that movie's success had anything to do with IT producers aiming for an R rating, and it's possible that Warner Bros. had always envisioned it as an R-rated movie. Warner Bros. hasn't issued a release date for IT yet, but if production does in fact start this year, we may get an official release date announcement soon. Are you glad that IT will be rated R?