The long wait for IT paid off in a huge way for audiences and everyone else involved. The thriller absolutely shattered records this weekend, bringing in more money than your average superhero adventure and proving that good horror can still bring big bucks at the box office. One screening for IT had a very special guest in the form of Jackson Robert Scott, who plays Georgie in the new IT and, as an added, amazing bonus, he came dressed as Georgie to watch the movie with an excited audience.

Jackson Robert Scott showed up at the Alamo Drafthouse Phoenix location over the weekend to see IT and, via their official Instagram account, they documented his appearance. They decided to take a couple of photos of him in his full Georgie get up, complete with paper boat and even a red balloon. This 8-year-old kid may have stolen the weekend from Pennywise because this is undeniably great.

"We floated with Georgie last night! #IT #Georgie #alamophx @jacksonrobertscottofficial"

The Alamo Drafthouse got a lot of attention over the weekend for their presentation of IT. The theater chain hosted "clown-only" screenings of IT all over the country which sold out in many locations. Perhaps the only way to make a screening of IT more unsettling than it already is on its own is to be surrounded by a bunch of actual clowns. Though, anyone who sat next to Jackson Robert Scott dressed as Georgie must have felt pretty uneasy, given the way that things work out for Bill's little brother in the movie. On the other hand, it was probably pretty cool to see the actual Georgie there.

Jackson Robert Scott and all of the other young actors in IT helped propel the movie's tremendous success. Their performances, coupled with Bill Skarsgard's new take on Pennywise, helped garner a lot of critical acclaim for Andy Muschietti's IT and helped it to become the record-setting monster it is. The movie made $123 million over the weekend, which easily makes it the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror movie and the second-biggest opening weekend for an R-rated movie ever, trailing only Deadpool. Ahead of the weekend, tracking had the movie bringing somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 to $70 million, so IT absolutely obliterated expectations.

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Even though he is very young, IT is going to help make Jackson Robert Scott a very promising young actor in Hollywood. He has already locked down a part in Hulu's pilot for Locke and Key, which will reunite him with director Andy Muschietti. There's also some room for him to possibly make an appearance in the IT sequel, which is unquestionably going to be put on the fast track after what happened this weekend. Be sure to check out the photos of Georgie at the Alamo Drafthouse watching IT for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott