IT has gone on to become easily one of the most anticipated movies of 2017 in a year that has been stuffed with big movies. Though, quite a few of those movies disappointed, either critically or at the box office. Or in some cases both. IT looks like it could be a hit in both respects and those who are looking forward to the Stephen King adaptation are going to want to bust out their wallets because tickets for the highly-anticipated horror flick are on sale now.

The official IT Movie website revealed today that tickets for the movie are on sale in theaters all across the U.S. Considering that IT, which is slated to arrive in theaters on September 8, looks to break the all-time September opening weekend record at the box office, early showings are probably going to fill up fast. So if you want to see the movie during Thursday night previews or on opening night, it is probably a good idea to buy tickets sooner rather than later. These pre-sales are also going to offer some insight into just how much money IT will be able to make on its opening weekend.

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Early tracking has director Andres Muschietti's IT on pace for a box office opening weekend take between $50-$60 million. That would make the movie a huge success right out of the gate, but box office tracking has been somewhat unreliable in recent years. In some cases, movies have dramatically shattered expectations and grossed far more than what tracking had predicted, like Suicide Squad, for example. Keeping that in mind, if the early reviews for IT are good and promise that this movie is everything fans want it to be, this could be one of those movies that overperforms and shatters expectations. Point being, IT is probably going to be a huge hit no matter what. The question is, how big of a hit?

Based on Stephen King's best-selling novel, IT centers a group of young kids known as The Loser's Club who have to face their biggest fears when they seek answers to the disappearance of children in their hometown of Derry, Maine. This journey pits them against an evil clown named Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard), whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries. This will be the first of two movies based on Stephen King's IT. This first movie will center on The Loser's Club as kids, with the second movie taking place years later, focusing on the same group as adults. Similar to how it was divided in the 1990 two-part miniseries. Considering IT looks like it will be a big success, it is a safe bet the sequel will be put on the fast track.

There have been a lot of Stephen King adaptations in 2017, both on the big and small screen, but we've yet to be blown away by one. The Dark Tower truly disappointed critically and at the box office, which was a pretty big bummer. IT will hopefully manage to fare a bit better.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott