After a whole lot of waiting, one of the most highly-anticipated movies of the year is finally making its way to theaters this weekend. IT has been riding full speed on the hype train ever since the first teaser debuted in March and now the movie is finally getting ready to scare up some fun on September 8. But there are those who still share a fondness for the original IT miniseries, which starred Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown. As it turns out, Curry isn't one of them. At least not when it comes to the ending.

In a recent interview with Screen Geek, Tim Curry talked a little bit about his experience making the 1990 TV miniseries version of IT, as well as sharing some thoughts on the upcoming movie. Many fans have an issue with the weird, pretty unconvincing huge spider that Pennywise turns into at the end of the second part of the original miniseries. Tim Curry agrees and feels that wasn't scary and isn't fond of it. Here's what he had to say.

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"I hope they make the ending better because on [the TV version], I turned into some kind of giant spider and it was not very scary."

Considering that Stephen King's IT novel is more than 1,100 pages long, some things are going to have to change in any adaptation. Fortunately, director Andres Muschietti has already confirmed that the giant spider won't be making an appearance in the new IT movie. For now, we are going to see Bill Skarsgard's new, terrifying version of Pennywise. Speaking of that, Tim Curry also took some time to praise Skarsgard as an actor and what he's seen so far of the performance.

"Well, I like Bill Skarsgard very much, I think he's very clever. It'll be interesting what sort of clown face he puts on, because it's not an obvious clown face at all. I've seen the trailer and you can't really see him at all. So I'm fascinated to see it. He's very good."

Despite whatever shortcomings the 1990 IT miniseries may have, there are still many of us who feel a great deal of love and affection for it. Specifically, Tim Curry's version of Pennywise, which is one of the things that truly works. But Bill Skarsgard looks like he absolutely crushed it in his own right and will be the scary, child-eating clown for a new generation. It's nice to know that the man who first brought him to life has given the new actor his blessing. Even Andres Muschietti decided to throw a Tim Curry version of Pennywise in the last IT trailer as a nice little Easter egg for fans.

Full reviews for IT should be out soon, but the early reactions have been incredibly positive. In any case, the movie is absolutely going to dominate at the box office this weekend, with IT expected to bring in $60 million or more. That's going to be good enough for the all-time September opening weekend record. And they already have Tim Curry's endorsement, which is a good one to have.