Just hours after an international TV trailer for IT brought new Pennywise footage, Warner Bros. has unleashed another sneak peek that shows just how powerful this creepy clown is. Not only can he haunt The Losers' Club's seemingly innocent slideshow presentation about how "IT" is connected to the sewers, but it can even find a way to infiltrate what starts out to be an innocent sing-along that takes a wicked twist. Terrified as they may be, it's up to this group of misfits to put a stop to this clown's reign of terror.

The TV spot, which debuted on Warner Bros. YouTube, begins with The Losers Club going over some slides in the basement, with one featuring a map of the sewer system in their hometown, Derry, Maine, until the slideshow starts featuring photos of Pennywise, and even when the slide projector is unplugged, it still keeps working, under IT's influence. There is also footage of the Loser's Club in the sewer, where they come across Beverly Marsh (Sophia Lillis) suspended in mid-air, under Pennywise's influence. There is also another interesting shot that may be alluding to a scene from the book which has likely been cut from the movie.

In the original Stephen King novel, The Losers' Club are arguing in the sewers among themselves, wihen Beverly suggests that they all have sex together and lose their virginity together. While it hasn't been 100% confirmed that this underage sex scene is not in the movie, when the MPAA handed down the R rating for IT, there was no mention of sexuality in the reason given for the rating. The scene in the book was quite graphic and detailed, so if it was included in the movie as is, it surely would have been referenced in some way with the MPAA's ratings explanation. One particular shot of this TV spot, though, shows The Loser's Club all holding hands in a circle, with one member's cast featuring LOSER written on it, although someone else drew a large red V over the S, to make the word LOVER.

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It's possible that this isn't actually a reference to the sex scene, since we don't know who actually put the red V on the cast, and since this story is set in the 1980s, perhaps it's a reference to the iconic sci-fi TV series V, but that's only speculation at this point. With just over a month left before fans around the world will get to visit these kids in Derry, Maine, we could be treated to a lot more footage in the weeks ahead. How much that footage reveals is unclear, but the movie is already riding a wave of positive buzz, after shattering the trailer view record earlier this year and also getting a ringing endorsement from Stephen King himself.

Andres Muschietti (Mama) directed the IT movie from a screenplay by Chase Palmer & Cary Fukunaga and Gary Dauberman, based Stephen King's iconic novel. Andres Muschietti will also return for the second movie, which will bring back the Losers' Club as adults, with the filmmaker revealing in a recent interview that he may save several deleted scenes from this movie for his sequel, where The Losers Club must band together as adults when Pennywise returns. Take a look at the new TV spot for IT, to get ready for the September 8 release.