Shrek the Third may have dominated American weekend box offices with a take of $122 million, but his fat belly couldn't flop itself on Spider-Man 3 overseas. The third Spidey flick became the #1 film around the globe for its third consecutive week.

This film is a true powerhouse of cinema, despite what the critics have had to say about it. According to Variety, the film culled an additional $49.6 million from 15,850 theaters in 105 markets.

In the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines and Singapore, Spider-Man 3 has become the number one film of all time. And that's despite the fact that these countries have been overrun with bootlegs of the film.

This weekend, its third in release, Spidey only saw a 41% drop off from the previous weeks. With a foreign total of $465.1 million, it is the 16th highest grossing film overseas. Its worldwide total has reached $747 million, making it the 22nd highest grossing film worldwide.

The combined grosses for the entire Spider-Man franchise tops out at $2.34 billion.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange