For more than two years, the guys at FND Films have been leading their fans to believe that they ran off with the $78 thousand they raised with an Indiegogo campaign to make a movie. The joke is over now, as the FND guys have just released the first trailer for their movie It's All Good; an action hiest comedy about three guys who run a fraudulent crowdfunding campaign and spend all of the money. The idea is very meta and while they definitely upset a lot of their supporters in the process, they have delivered on their promise to make their movie.

A little more than two weeks ago, after near total and complete silence for two years, the guys released an apology video to their YouTube channel, saying that the movie they promised could no longer be made. Naturally, their fans were quite upset, but it was all part of the elaborate ruse. FND has finally released the actual trailer for It's All Good on their YouTube channel. Here is a synopsis of the movie, which the guys put up on the It's All Good website when the trailer dropped.

"Three filmmakers (Aaron, Vinny and Cooper) are dead broke and ready to give up on their pursuit of success in the movie business. Desperate to keep the dream alive, they turn to crowdfunding for their first feature film and raise $75,000 dollars. However, they are overtaken by greed and instead blow the money on frivolous luxuries. Now they must face the consequences, including some shady acquaintances interested in their fortune, and an onslaught of angry donors who have been deceived."

The guys at FND Films originally ran their Indiegogo campaign in 2014, having gained a sizable audience from their popular YouTube channel. They promised little else other than the fact that they planned to make a movie with the money. Once the money had been raised, they were pretty much silent, which caused a lot of the backers to get suspicious. Now that the cat is out of the bag, the guys are hoping for some forgiveness and understanding. They also want everyone to know this stunt was quite difficult for them as well. Speaking with Esquire, here is what FND President Aaron Fronk had to say.

"It's been awful. So stressful. Lying to people for two and a half years is rough-we've had to take a hit in our careers because we wanted to make it look like we disappeared. We couldn't tell certain actors in the film what the movie was about, and you've got these people who donated thousands of dollars based on the most vague pitch that you can't clue in. I've so badly wanted to say, 'No no no, it's just a joke.'"

Aaron Fronk also directed It's All Good, which is set for release on October 21. There is no word yet on what platforms the movie will be made available on, but the website states that It's All Good will be available for rent or purchase on October 21. This turned out to be quite the trolling exercise and FND Films will be able to see if it pays off in a little less than a month, and their fans can finally see what they are getting for their money. You can check out the trailer for It's All Good for yourself below.