Movie PictureEvil is upon us! Friday the 13th is here! Are you scared? You should be! We can get you in a sinister one of our horror flicks!

Get scared with The Penalizer and Zombie Apocalypse!The new Zombie series here at Lights Out will go into production tomorrow! We start shooting episode 0 tomorrow which means you should have your first look at this new series by the end of April!

In other Lights Out news we got our E3 badges in the mail! We will be bringing you full coverage on the happenings surrounding E3 at the end of May! This will be big so get ready!

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The Bitter Bits have been postponed. Droid will not let you down! Coming next week! Droid will review ALL of those "who the hell gave this the greenlight" type of films that are spreading like a virus to theaters! Stay tuned for the bits...

Movie Picture Die hard {3} fans! Code Veronica is coming this July!

Yes, you felt a little betrayed when that next generation zombie mutilating experience moved to the now defunked Dreamcast, but now as a faithful Playstation supporter, Resident Evil: Code Veronica X is coming to the PS2! We can now rejoice!

Check out all the cool new movies has up of this special edition version of the game! You won't have this much fun with zombies anywhere else...unless of course you are watching the forthcoming zombie series brought to you by Lights Out. He he he.{@IMG:TPmJLZtCCGG9BQ8SnD0yOrUFY8TF1b|Movie [email protected]}A filmmaker by the name of Grady has been e-mailing me for quite some time about his short animated films he's been doing. Until now his films has completely slipped my mind! I forgot how cool they were!

You've got to see these 2 funny shorts that Grady has graced the world with!

Watch Banjo Gyro and Duelin Firemen today! Tell him Lights Out sent you!Stay tuned... ~Brian