Entertainment Weekly reports that The Social Network's Armie Hammer is in talks to star in Clint Eastwood's biopic J. Edgar, which was formerly titled Hoover, and centers on FBI leader J. Edgar Hoover. Vulture also reports that actress Charlize Theron is up for a role as well.

Armie Hammer would play Clyde Tolson, a former lawyer who started working at the FBI and, who some allege, was J. Edgar Hoover's secret lover. Charlize Theron would play Helen Gandy, who was a lowly file clerk at the Justice Department before she was picked to be J. Edgar Hoover's secretary. After her selection at the young age of 21, Helen Grady ended up working for J. Edgar Hoover for the next 54 years.

Clint Eastwood will direct J. Edgar from a script by Dustin Lance Black, who won an Oscar for his adapted screenplay Milk. J. Edgar was said to start shooting sometime early next year.