The DC Universe fan community has shared a fan-made trailer for their own J. is for Joker and the results are pretty damn good. The caption for the barely over a minute clip simply reads: "THIS is how the Joker should be done in the DCEU!" and they might have a point. A lot has been said about Suicide Squad and Jared Leto's portrayal of the Joker, some love him and in almost equal measure hate him and his method acting, while some just can't get over him unleashing 30 Seconds to Mars upon our ears, which is an argument for another day. That's the hard part about dealing with arguably the most legendary villain next to Darth Vader. You can't win and you most definitely cannot please everybody.

Before everyone jumps down my throat, this is for fun, a way to kill a minute of your time, and admire some fan fiction. To quote some wise dude: "Why so serious?" The DC Universe Facebook page is clearly having fun with it and you should too. Damien Kazan directed the fan-made trailer and he does a great job of setting up the menacing nature of the Joker. The trailer is based off of the comic book Shadow of the Bat #37 and was shot in one evening. It is not known if Daniel Hederich who portrayed the Joker remained in character throughout the duration of the shoot or if he gave members of the crew a dead pig, but rest assured I'll get to the bottom of this fiasco. The trailer also has clever sound design with plenty of heavy breathing and panting to set the mood with a delicate, moody score tucked underneath.

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So when do we actually get to see more of Jared Leto and his unhinged portrayal of the Joker? He was barely in Suicide Squad, leaving some to feel cheated since the Joker was a huge selling point in the promotional material for the movie. There is no official news as to where we'll be able to see Leto next. He has teased pictures of his character on social media in the last few months leading to wild speculation that he might pop up in Suicide Squad 2 or even the standalone Batman movie. With the way DCEU announces things, you'd figure we'd know before the script was even written or better yet an announcement of a standalone Joker movie before Batman, which seems to be the way DC rolls these days. I'm looking at you, Black Adam.

So whether you prefer Heath Ledger to Leto or vice versa is irrelevant. Let's just get some more Joker into the mix and not argue over whether he looks like he drinks Fago and picks up ladies at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Let's just hope there's a method to DCEU's madness and hope that we get more Joker in some way or another and quickly.

Hopefully we can all agree that Kazan and his crew made something for fans by the fans, not to crap on DC or anyone's portrayal, just for fun. Sit back and enjoy some people playing with gasoline at 4:30am in a sketchy alley while giving us a taste of their vision of the Joker, who honestly still looks like a Hot Topic reject. Give it a watch below and let them know how you feel about it and maybe share constructive criticism.