Director J.J. Abrams is one of the most secretive filmmakers working today. He likes to contain the element of surprise, and has been shooting on a closely guarded soundstage at Paramount Studios to keep prying eyes away from the set of his latest project Star Trek 2.

Despite heavy security measures, photos have still leaked from the set, offering looks at the cast and some of the scenes they've been shooting. This has understandably upset J.J. Abrams, so now he is taking affirmative action against the paparazzi by implementing a massive blockade.

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The director ordered the installation of 30 large shipping containers, strung together to form a fence around the perimeter of a major outside shooting location. While for the moment, all we have to look at is this photo of those shipping containers, the paparazzi has accepted this as a challenge, promising fans that they will get a ladder and beat J.J. at his own game. A breach is promised soon, with more pics too come.

What do you think? Do spy photos hurt or help a film? Should the paparazzi give up and go home? Or do you want more photos from the set of Star Trek 2? This whole scenario will surely get more interesting as filming resumes. But in the end, do J.J. Abrams' tactics even matter? Now, check out J.J. Abrams' makeshift paparazzi blocker...

Star Trek 2 Blockade Photo