Actor Dominic Monaghan recently sat down with DweebCast and discussed how director J.J. Abrams is approaching the casting of his upcoming sci-fi sequel Star Wars: Episode VII.

Here is what he said when asked if he was approached for a role in the sequel.

"We talked about it a few times. Once I know that he was doing Star Wars I sent him a little congratulatory message and stuff."

He went on to discuss the director's possible casting strategy for the project.

"We've talked a few times about it and he said "We're putting together a cast of unknowns - we want to follow the '77 New Hope cast because obviously Harrison Ford wasn't well known at that point, Mark Hamill wasn't and Carrie Fisher wasn't either. What he said was, we don't want to fall into that mistake of people going "Oh it's that guy from that thing!" and then you're completely out of the Star Wars universe.

He jokingly remarked that he would accept any role in the film, if offered.

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"Give me a lightsaber, I'll do anything."

With little known about the storyline and casting details swirling in rumors, is this another way for the director to misdirect fans and uphold the secrecy behind the project? Do you think a group of fresh faces would bring new life to the franchise?