The Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson tears into Spider-Man in another editorial featured on The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Daily Bugle viral website. The journalist expresses his negative opinion regarding the web-slinger, who he believes is causing more problems for the police. He calls for the hero to speak out about his actions, instead of shunning the press. Take a look at this editorial from the raging newspaperman:

<strong><em>The Amazing Spider-Man 2</em></strong> Daily Bugle Virla

March 28, 2014

An Editorial from Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson

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Is social media a powerful tool to connect people around the world or is it home to a cyber-den of cyber-losers who spend their time spreading cyber-lies about a certain "hero" named Spider-Man...

So is Spider-Man a hero because some bearded Brooklyn hipster posted a cyber-video of him webbing up a mugger outside a coffee shop? Is he a hero because a misguided high school student starts a fan club on cyber-Twitter? Is he a hero because a "cyber-blogger" like Melissa Hutchins encourages fans to plaster stencils of the masked vigilante on crosswalk signs across Manhattan?

These days it seems like everyone is talking about Spider-Man, except for one person of course: Spider-Man himself, who refuses to talk to the press. The wall-crawling weirdo would probably say actions speak louder than words, but the longer Spider-Man doesn't talk, the longer he ignores legitimate questions about how his actions have frustrated on-going police investigations. How he has used excessive force in foiling minor crimes. How his web swinging has distracted city drivers and led to a documented twenty-four accidents (and counting).

Has Spider-Man stopped a mugger, a carjacker, or a bank robber here and there? Yeah, okay, I'll admit he has. But can Spider-Man answer this: do those actions offset all the problems he's created? Even if he could, I doubt he will.

Of course, this isn't the first time J. Jonah Jameson} has used his publication to speak out against Spider-Man. Last month, he berated the superhero for the millions of dollars in damages caused by his pursuit of bank robber Herman Schulz.

J. Jonah Jameson}'s presence in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has not been confirmed at this time, although we reported about a rumor in August that Jim Carrey may be playing either Carnage or Jameson, after the comedic actor was spotted on the set.