The iconic Star Wars sequel Return of the Jedi celebrates its 35th Anniversary this year, making it the perfect time for one toy collectors have craved for decades, to finally debut. Yes, people, we're getting a size-acurate Jabba Sail Barge for all our action figures! Hasbro has launched a new crowdsourcing platform known as HasLab, and if over 5,000 people commit to paying a whopping $499.99 for this toy, which spans four feet long and is the largest toy Hasbro has ever produced, then the company will start mass producing it. As of now, the campaign has just under 3,000 backers, with just 13 days left until the April 3 deadline, so if you want this huge toy to be part of your collection, you better act fast.

The HasLab campaign kicked off last month, with a video that offered a sneak peek at this very first HasLab project, the Jabba the Hutt sail barge from Return of the Jedi, known as the Khetanna. The Hasbro video featured Hasbro's director of product design, Steve Evans, and Mark Boudreaux, the principal designer for Star Wars toys at Hasbro, who unveiled the early designs for this toy, but earlier today at the 115th International Toy Fair, Hasbro unveiled an even better look at this toy. A one-minute time-lapse video condensed more than 200 hours of Hasbro artists putting this toy together, which spans 49.35 inches long, just over four feet, 14.64 inches wide and 17.01 inches tall, with a total weight of 13.89 pounds. Here's the official product description from the HasLab website.

"Measuring approximately 4ft long, this vast vehicle is a dream item for any Star Wars collection. Designed to captivate and inspire, The Vintage Collection Jabba's Sail Barge (The Khetanna) features exquisitely detailed, fan accessible decks that complement 3.75-inch figures (not included) allowing fans and collectors to recreate intense battles in the Star Wars saga. Its removable side panels also offer a unique opportunity to pose and set up incredible dioramas. Complete with premium deco, vintage packaging, and soft cloth sails, this dream product offers Star Wars devotees the quality and realism they know and love. Included with the vehicle is Jabba the Hutt (3.75-inch scale figure)."

For those who plan on placing an order, you'll also get much more than this four-foot toy and a 3.75-inch figure of Jabba the Hutt. Also included in the order is, "Classic Vintage Collection packaging with special limited edition HASLAB seal of authenticity," along with a 64-page booklet entitled "Jabba's Sail Barge (The Khetanna): Behind the Workbench," which gives fans a glimpse at the design and development of the toy along with "set photos, product blueprints, interviews, and more." Backers will also get a, "dedicated, ongoing stream of behind-the-scenes development updates."

If the funding goal is met, the Behind the Workbench booklet will start shipping immediately, on April 4, the day after the crowdfunding campaign ends, but the actual Khetanna toy has an estimated ship date of February 28, 2019. If the goal of 5,000 backers is not met, no one will be charged and no products will ship, so it's up to you if you want to make The Khetanna toy a reality. Take a look at these new videos below, and you can visit for more details on The Khetanna.