In his time on TikTok, Jack Black has made it his business to create a whole bunch of viral videos. Whether twerking to Cardi B, or singing along to Five Nights At Freddy's, Black is never too far from the 'For You' page of millions of the apps' users. His latest viral appearance has come courtesy of a chance encounter at a high school graduation photoshoot in LA. In usual style, Black made sure that he was the centre of attention as he posed for pictures with some of the graduates, even directing the photographer on how to get the most out of the moment.

A photographer who goes by the Instagram handle of Visionary Daniel posted a video on his Insta-Story and on TikTok, detailing how the comedy actor had just chanced upon the ceremony, which took place at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. The video and the resulting photo quickly gained likes and was soon racking up views.

Sharing the chance encounter, he said, "|Graduated from the school of rock. crazy how small the world is to see Jack Black at one of my photo shoots. Jack helped me reach millions of people with my work and I just wanna say hello to all my new followers! Glad you followed and stay tuned for more :) #explorepage." He explained on his video that they just happened upon the star, and he was quite happy to stop and take photos, but did want to make sure it was taken just right, so the sun would look good on his face.

Instagram users commented on the video, in which Black kneels down at the front of a group having their photos taken, with one saying, "HOLY CRAP I KNOWS THESE GUYS, THEIR MY CLASSMATES FROM HIGHSCHOOL AND MIDDLESCHOOL ???? damn it's a small world." Another user added, "Brooo what this is like the coolest shit bro one word from me "lucky".

Jack Black has been a frequent sensation on various social media sites, whether busting out moves, jiggling his belly or thrusting his big bushy beard in the camera, and his latest appearance doesn't seem to suggest he is about to stop anytime soon. In regard to his Cardi B WAP dance video, fellow actor Robert Downey Jr. commented, "Get it!", while Public Enemy said, "Nice windmill."

Black has been a dominant force in Hollywood for decades, appearing in the hit Kung-Fu Panda movies, School of Rock, Goosebumps and many more. He has also fronted the comedy rock band Tenacious D, and launched his Jablinski Games channel on YouTube in 2018.

The same year he was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and received two Golden Globe nominations. While his general appearances are usually well ordered, when it comes to social media, Black is one of those who can't seem help but act up for the camera if he knows there is a chance of it going viral. It is safe to say that this latest appearance is one that has made the graduation of these students even more special than usual, and at least they have the photos to prove it.