It seems that a sequel to one of last year's horror hits is moving forward. BrookStreet Pictures revealed on their MySpace page that a sequel to Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer is in development. Here's the blog entry from the production company below.

We are busy despite the silence, and now it's time to holla at the world, and tell you what's new in our rotation. First up, Jon Knautz and Brendan Moore along with Trevor Matthews created the outline for Jack Brooks 2. The script is well under way, and coming along nicely. There's a whole LOT more action (AKA monster slaying). Jack fights a whole bunch of different kinds of nasties. He is also forced to partner up for one of his adventures, and as we know Jack is a bit of a lone wolf.

We also have a film deep in the script stages and we WILL be shooting this new film in the summer of '09. It's a straight horror film this time around. It revolves around a group of journalists who go to investigate a small village in Europe where human sacrifice is reputed to still go on. It's dark and brutal like a Dethklok song.

We'll keep you posted on any developments regarding a Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer sequel as soon as we have more information.