According to Empire Online, actor Jack Davenport has been cast in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean sequels...

"I'm filming on Pirates until January of next year. There's a little break between shooting on the two films, so that the poor bastards who have to work every day, i.e. the crew, can catch their breath slightly, because it's a pretty massive operation. The first one made so much money that the number crunchers obviously decided to turn it into a franchise. We're kind of lucky to be along for the ride really." RELATED: Johnny Depp Doesn't Miss the Pirates Franchise: I Travel with Captain Jack in My Suitcase

We did manage to persuade Davenport to confirm that he returns as the same character – not, you know, a robot double or a heavily prostheticised Scottish nanny or anything. "I'm not a ghost or anything, I'm the same person. Maybe a bit of cross-dressing – no, I'm kidding."

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