The Hulk: Scooper 'Jack Frost' has chimed in to give us a detailed rundown of what to expect when The Hulk hits theaters on June 20th! Take a look:

They've changed the origin from the comics. RELATED: Lifelong Comic Book Fan Megan Fox Would Love to Join the Marvel or DC Universes

The film starts out with Bruce Banner's father as a young man working on experiments to increase the human immune system to literally be effective against any disease, poison, or chemical known to man. He's working on a military base under a Young General Ross. Ross and Banner argue about the experiments and Ross tells banner not to test on humans. Well, Banner tests the serum on himself and Ross finds out and pulls the plug on the experiments. Meanwhile we learn that after Banner injects the serum, his wife gets pregnant, thus Banner passes on his changed DNA to Bruce. When Banner finds out that he's off the project he sabotages the base to blow up and goes home to