Legendary actor Jack Nicholson turns 84 years old today, and fans across the world are celebrating the man and his body of work online. With decades in the movie industry and seemingly countless unforgettable performances, there's any number of roles where fans will know Nicholson from best. From axe murderer Jack Torrance to the Clown Prince of Crime, what all of the actor's roles have in common is that they're expertly played.

Being the phenomenal performer that he is, Nicholson has amassed a rather large fan base during his career. In honor of his 84th birthday, thousands of these fans are banding together to wish him the very best, resulting in Nicholson's name trending on Twitter as more and more fans get in on the birthday fun.

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"Happy 84th birthday to one of the coolest iconic actors in Hollywood the one and only #JackNicholson," one big fan says. "Happy Birthday to the owner of the greatest eyebrows in the world, and some of the greatest movies also," adds someone else, including a photo of Jack raising his eyebrows.

"The way he depicts unconventional characters so effortlessly makes him one of the greats," writes another fan. "Happy 84th to the living legend & to the coolest Hollywood icon, Jack Nicholson." Another tweet reads: "happy birthday to my king. I'm so happy that you came into my life and in many ways you made it better.. you made me feel good in dark times and you don't even know it.. for this and much more THANKS! I love you my love."

"The minute that you're not learning I believe you're dead," quotes another fan. "Happy 84th birthday to the 3 times Academy Awards Winner (Nominated a record 12x for a male actor) and one of the greatest actors of all time - Jack Nicholson."

Including a clip of Nicholson accepting a BAFTA award for one of his most iconic performances, All The Right Movies tweeted: "Happy birthday JACK NICHOLSON - 84 years old today. Here's his hilarious BAFTA acceptance speech for Chinatown from the set of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest in 1975."

Where do you even begin with trying to pick and choose Nicholson's best roles? The actor has earned twelve Academy Award nominations throughout his life, each of them very well deserved. This includes winning the Oscar for Best Actor on two occasions, once for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and another for As Good as It Gets. His many memorable roles, including Jack Torrance in The Shining, the Joker in Batman, and Frank Costello in The Departed, have only further cemented that legacy.

Let's hope Nicholson is having a fantastic day to ring in his 84th year of life. Today also marks the perfect occasion to celebrate Jack by watching a movie or two to revisit some of his legendary performances. There's certainly no shortage of great options to choose from. In any case, we'll be taking the opportunity at this time to join the fans in sending birthday wishes the actor's way. Happy, happy 84th birthday to Jack Nicholson!