Back in 2010, three-time Oscar-winning actor Jack Nicholson starred in two movies, playing himself in the faux documentary I'm Still Here, and the failing businessman and father Charles Madison in How Do You Know. Unfortunately for fans of the legendary icon, those were his last two movies, and there have been rumors in the past that he was retired from acting, with one report from 2013 claiming the actor was suffering from memory loss, although the actor's reps shot down that report, claiming that he is looking at scripts and trying to figure out what his next project may be. It's been more than three years since that report surfaced, and we haven't heard about any new Jack Nicholson project. But now one of the actor's closest friends believes he has actually retired.

The Sun caught up with Peter Fonda, who starred alongside Jack Nicholson in the 1969 classic Easy Rider, and has been friends with the actor for decades. While Jack Nicholson has not personally told him that he has in fact retired, Peter Fonda thinks his old friend is done with acting. Here's what Peter Fonda had to say at the BAFTA Tea Party event in Los Angeles.

"I think he is ­basically retired. I don't want to speak for him but he has done a lot of work and he has done very well as a person financially. Sometimes ­people have a reason that you don't know, and it's not for me to ask. I don't call him up and say, 'Johnny,' I call him Johnny Hop, 'What are you doing?' I would say, 'How are you, how do you feel?'"

After the 2013 report was debunked by the actor, he revealed that he prefers to spend most of his time at home, saying that he hired a cook because he, "got tired of ­arguing with women about going to have dinners." He also added that he's still "wild at heart," but admitted that he can't "hit on women in public anymore," because it didn't feel right at his age. It remains to be seen if Jack Nicholson will issue any statement about his possible retirement from acting. If he is hanging it up, the actor will certainly go down as one of the most celebrated actors in history, with a record 12 Oscar nominations and three wins, for his performances in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Terms of Endearment and As Good As It Gets.

Before the initial retirement story broke in the fall of 2013, Jack Nicholson made headlines at the Academy Awards earlier that year, when, after the ceremony, he famously interrupted Jennifer Lawrence in the middle of an interview with George Stephanopoulos. He was also offered a role in The Judge alongside Robert Downey Jr., but he turned it down, leading to Robert Duvall taking the role and landing an Oscar nomination for his performance. Another report from 2011 revealed Matthew Vaughn wanted both Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson to star in a film called The Golden Age, and he was also approached to reunite with A Few Good Men star Tom Cruise for El Presidente back in 2010.