The Jack O' Lantern which had been featured on, the viral marketing site for The Dark Knight, has gone away. In its' place are instructions to fans, presumably from the Joker (Heath Ledger) himself.

The Jack O'Lantern had its' candle burn down over time, and one-half of the pumpkin had rotted away, looking suspiciously Two-Faced (Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two-Face is to appear in The Dark Knight, played by Aaron Eckhart.) The rate of the candle burning and the pumpkin's rotting led many to believe that it was a countdown to Halloween.

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Joker at

On Halloween morning, the Jack O'Lantern vanished, to be replaced by a series of cut-out images, along with a note:

Hey clowns!

Ready to do what you're told?

First, don't start before daylight. With a police force this corrupt, it's not safe to be out at night, and anyway, you won't be able to see the things you want to find.

Follow all of my directions to the letter and send photos of what you find.

I'll make it worth your while, I promise - for what that's worth...

When clicked on, each cut out provides instructions for a different city across the country.

Check back here for the results of the game.

CLICK HERE to get in on the game.

UPDATE: As the letters have been revealed by fans, the message has become apparent. "The only sensible way to live in the world is without rules." If you click on the photo peeking out from under the note, you can see a new image of Heath Ledger in his Joker get-up. Click on the photo and you'll be taken to where the Joker has a further game for you. Take a photo of yourself and as many other folks as you can in Joker get-up in front of the most famous landmark in your city and the Joker will do "something to (or for) you".