Chris Pine's career has been hit or miss. Though he's found great success playing Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek, relaunching the franchise with a series of new sci-fi adventures that reimagine that entire universe, he was unable to reboot Jack Ryan as a viable film series. Released in early 2014, it only earned $50.5 million domestically off a $60 million budget. Its not one of the biggest bombs of the year, as it recouped globally, bringing in a worldwide total of $135.5 million. But there just wasn't enough interest in this version of the espionage thriller. And it disappeared quite quickly and quietly. While it made money overseas, Chris Pine doesn't think a sequel will happen. And he holds it as one of his biggest regrets.

Speaking with MovieFone, Chris Pine looks back at the movie with an open mind about what went wrong. Based on the popular Tom Clancy novels, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is the fifth film in the movie series, and Pine is the fourth actor to play the role on the big screen, following Alec Baldwin in The Hunt for Red October, Harrison Ford in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger, and Ben Affleck in The Sum Of All Fears. This is the second complete reboot of the franchise. Asked if a sequel was being planned, Chris Pine says:

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"No. I don't think it made enough money for that to happen. That's one of my deep regrets, that we didn't totally get that right. It's a great franchise and if it's not me then I hope it gets a fifth life at this point. It's just great. I love the spy genre. I hope it's done again and with a great story."

When Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit hit theaters, director of that film Kenneth Branagh expressed his hope in making a sequel. While he felt there were still many stories left to tell in this world, he has instead moved onto the world of Disney, with a live-action Cinderella next on his list. And though Chris Pine has Star Trek 3 coming up in 2016, he has decided to shift himself away from such action heavy roles, instead focusing on his comedic talents in movies such as Horrible Bosses 2 and Stretch.

It's unlikely that Paramount will look to reboot Jack Ryan a third time so quickly. If a direct sequel to Shadow Recruit doesn't happen soon, it may be a very long time before Jack Ryan is back on the big screen. As of now, it doesn't look like that will effect the movie going public too much. Maybe a weekly TV series should be considered?