Last week we reported that director Bryan Singer has started production on Jack the Giant Killer in London. The director recently spoke about the production, revealing this is the "antidote" to his last movie, the 2008 World War II drama Valkyrie. Here's what he had to say below.

"I think this is the antidote to Valkyrie. With that movie, I was so obsessed with the accuracy and the history and the detail, and this film is a fantastical time in England. It's not pegged to a particular time in history, and it deals with fun and broad characters."

The director also talked about expanding on the original Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale for this new adventure.

"I think this takes it a step further -- it's all about the nature of storytelling. The tale is told by certain characters, and then it gets retold. It shows you can't separate the story from the way it's told."

Bryan Singer also said this was his first movie which had a more traditional romance story, and not a complicated love triangle like in his X-Men movies.

"It's the first time in one of my films that there's a romance that's not fraught with a love triangle. The simpleness of this romance is my cure for all the love triangles that permeated the X-Men."

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