Bam Margera is calling on his fans to boycott the upcoming Jackass 4. Margera posted a lengthy and troubling video on social media, which has since been taken down. In the video, it appears that he has been fired from the highly anticipated sequel. According to Steve-O, the cast and crew were able to get some filming done before the shutdown started early last year. While the professional stuntman was bummed they had to stop, he was also hopeful that the team would come to the table with better ideas after being given some extra time to think.

Steve-O provided his Jackass 4 update in December 2020, but did not mention Bam Margera not being involved. He was hanging out with Bam Margera that same month in southern California, which is where Margera now lives. In his now-deleted video, Margera calls on fans to boycott the sequel. "If anybody cares about me don't go see their movie," he said, before alluding to making his own project to compete. Margera asks fans to send him money via Venmo so he can "blow them out of the water."

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Bam Margera went on to add that he was fired from Jackass 4 for being a "jackass." He then insinuated that he had been thinking of suicide, going as far as to Google how to tie a noose. At one point in the video, Margera, who is clearly agitated, appears to nearly vomit. He has struggled with substance abuse in the past and he may have fallen off the wagon. TMZ says Margera admitted to "chugging a glass of wine and 7 beers" before posting the video on social media. It is now unclear as to why Margera won't be taking part in Jackass 4 when the production resumes.

Throughout Bam Margera's social media video he calls himself an "a**hole" and claims that Jackass 4 needs a "villain." His wife, Nikki Boyd, can also be seen in the video. Margera has been in the news lately, thanks to some thieves stealing his Bentley from a gas station and then crashing it into a house. Steve-O, who has also struggled with substance abuse, has yet to respond to Margera's video, nor has anyone else from the Jackass cast.

Bam Margera checked into a southern California rehab facility in late 2019, where he was seen doing well. Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville came to visit him and he was in good spirits. As to what may have changed in the past year, that is unclear, though Margera claims that Paramount made him take pills that made him feel "suicidal" in an attempt to keep him subdued. It is not clear if he was referring to the Jackass 4 production, or a previous installment. TMZ was the first to report on Bam Margera's claims that he was fired from Jackass 4. The videos have since been deleted, but they can be seen at the site linked above.