Amid continued uncertainty over his involvement in the sequel, Bam Margera has reportedly been fired from Jackass 4 for good. Last week Margera posted a disturbing video on social media ranting on Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass team for booting him from the project. The video was deleted soon after and Bam later suggested that there was no bad blood between them, implying he'd be in Jackass 4 after all.

Now, a new report from TMZ states that while everyone still wants Bam to get help, there's no coming back to Jackass 4. The firing all reportedly comes down to Margera's refusal to abide by the guidelines producers had required for him to stay a part of the movie, essentially breaking his contract. As for why he had so many specific rules to follow, word is producers were afraid of Margera's past substance abuse and erratic behavior causing problems on set.

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To stay involved in Jackass 4, Margera's mandatory requirements included routine drug tests, including urine samples. He also needed to stay fully committed to staying sober, blowing into a breathalyzer, proving that he took his medication, and seeing a psychologist during production. In his original Instagram video, Bam Margera mentioned some of these conditions while ranting about his firing, but didn't note what was the final straw that got him fired.

This whole situation has left Bam's friends very worried about him, especially with no apparent hope of slipping back into Jackass for what could be the franchise's final outing. The idea of appearing in the movie had kept Margera on the straight and narrow for a while, but his firing has left him once again off the rails. As a member of the original crew who's appeared in all of the other movies, Bam is feeling like he's been cut out of something he helped create.

At this time, it's not clear just how much footage with Margera was filmed for Jackass 4, or if any of it will even be used in the final cut. In his rant, Margera insinuated that he'd take co-creator Jeff Tremaine to court if the producers take the ideas he contributed to the movie only for him to get fired. He also said that if anybody cared about him, they'd boycott Jackass 4 and donate money to Bam so he can fund his own movie to compete.

Margera has been in rehab many times over the past several years, with his struggles increasing significantly after the death of his best friend and Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn. In addition to his latest videos targeting the Jackass producers, Bam has also been known to post video rants online taking aim at others in his life as well. In 2019, the actor and daredevil acknowledged that he also struggles with bipolar disorder, something he brought up again after his recent tirade.

What's more important than appearing in Jackass 4 is Bam getting the help that he needs. A lot of his fans have been sending support his way through social media which will hopefully keep Bam on the right path in his journey to getting better. This news comes to us from TMZ.