With it's $55 box office take thus far, the Jackass Number Two creators are already thinking about the DVD.

According to Home Media Retailing, aside from the many things Jackass Number Two shows you, there's a lot of things it doesn't.

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For example Jackass notable Rake Yohn may not have a specific stunt even appear on the DVD, because it's supposed was "deemed by the studio to be too easy to imitate."

However, a stunt you will most likely get to see is from a prank called Valentine, in which "each member of the team walks up to a Valentine card on the wall and gets punched by a hydraulic boxing glove behind the wall." Apparently, there is footage of each of the members of Jackass falling for it.

There are also plans for an expanded "making-of segment." This will contain more footage than the one that previously aired on TV. In addition to this, the Jackass guys have already recorded a commentary track for the movie.