Jackie Chan says that a movie costarring two of the biggest names in kung fu cinema - Jackie Chan and Jet Li - is nearly a sealed deal, with the only outstanding issue being the script, according to the Associated Press.

"All the hurdles have been overcome. The only problem left is the script," Chan told The Associated Press after a press conference to promote his new action comedy, Rob-B-Hood.

"We need a script that he approves and I approve. If that goes well, shooting will start in March or April in Shanghai," he said.

Asked about the plot, Chan suggested it will be action-oriented fare, saying he and Li must defer to the movie's Hollywood backers.

"It will be more American-style. It will be more suited to foreign audiences than Chinese audiences," he said. "If you make a Hollywood movie, of course you have to follow their wishes. They're paying us so much money."

Chan also told the Associated Press that he will soon start shooting the third installment of the popular action comedy series Rush Hour 3 with Chris Tucker, spending about a dozen days in France starting in September, followed by 10 days of shooting in New York and further filming in Los Angeles. He said the movie will wrap by March or April next year.