This April, martial arts fans will get to see two screen legends Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the same movie together for the first time in Forbidden Kingdom and according to Associated Press, they don't want the fun to stop there. The news service, reporting from a Hong Kong press conference to promote Forbidden Kingdom, the action duo wants to collaborate again on a project based off a script Chan and Li started 15 years ago.

Both stars refused to divulge any details about the new project, but it's quite clear that the two have become close friends since filming Forbidden Kingdom.

"The first day we started filming, it felt like we had worked together for many years," Chan said, adding, "after filming this movie, we didn't have enough fun."

"In four months (of filming), we went from friends to becoming brothers," Li said.

They had both known each other since 1980s, when Chan would watch Li, a former Chinese national kung fu champion, perform, and Chan also helped Li break into the Hong Kong film industry.

Forbidden Kingdom, directed by Rob Minkoff and featuring fight choreography from Yuen Wo-Ping, hits the theaters on April 18.