According to Variety, Jackie Chan has started shooting his latest kung-fu comedy, tentatively titled BB or Baby, in Hong Kong with local helmer Benny Chan.

Production kicked off before the recent announcement of the Rush Hour 3 project.

Hot mainland thesp Gao Yuanyuan will feature in the Hong Kong-China co-production, a joint venture of mainland production powerhouse Huayi Bros. and chopsocky supremo Chan's own JCE Movies.

Official news agency Xinhua, quoting Huayi sources, said the film began shooting Thursday. Budgeted at HK$130 million ($16.8 million), Baby is expected to wrap in March and preem in October.

Plot revolves around hijinx when small-time crooks steal a car without realizing a child is in it.

Where the movie is unusual is that Chan plays a bad guy, though naturally one with a heart of gold -- something that will have helped the treatment pass China's censors.

The screenplay was written by Yuen Kam-lun. Cast includes familiar faces from Chan's "Project A," including Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung.

Chan's previous project, New Police Story, did boffo B.O. on the mainland.