Actor Jackie Cooper passed away in Beverly Hills, California yesterday at the age of 88. The cause of death isn't known yet, although it is said he had a, "sudden bout with illness."

Jackie Cooper was born on September 15, 1922 in Los Angeles and broke into show business at a very young age. He became the youngest actor to receive a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his portrayal of the title character in Skippy at just nine years of age in 1931. Keisha Castle-Hughes, who was nominated for Best Actress at the age of 13 for Whale Rider in 2003, is the only other actor or actress to be nominated for a Best Actor or Best Actress Oscar while under the age of 18.

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As an adult, Jackie Cooper is best known for his role as Daily Planet editor Perry White in Superman, Superman II, Superman III, and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. He also directed a number of TV movies and TV episodes, receiving two Best Directing Emmy Awards for episodes of M*A*S*H and The White Shadow.