Jackie Earle Haley is following his Oscar nomination booking a trio of projects in both the comedy and dramatic arenas.

First, the Will Ferrell basketball comedy, Semi-Pro, which Kent Alterman is directing for New Line Cinema; Haley is playing a fan who wins a basketball-throwing contest.

Haley then will segue to the all-star ensemble drama, Winged Creatures, directed by Rowan Woods; Haley will join Kate Beckinsale, Forest Whitaker, Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce, portraying an abusive husband and angry father, notes The Hollywood Reporter.

Finally, Haley will shoot the indie drama, Bolden!, directed by Dan Pritzker; the period biopic stars Anthony Mackie as Buddy Bolden, the first man of New Orleans jazz. Haley will portray a judge at the center of most of the lucrative but corrupt activities in New Orleans -- notably brothels and Battles Royale, when black men were drugged and forced to fight one another before an all-white male audience.