The 1990 horror-thriller Jacob's Ladder is getting the remake treatment, according to a new report. A remake was first talked about around 5 years ago and seemed to be gathering momentum in 2016, but nothing else has been heard about the project until now. The original Jacob's Ladder starred Tim Robbins and has become a cult classic over the nearly 30 years that it has been out. Robbins portrayed Jacob Singer, a Vietnam veteran who was dealing with the loss of his young son, and begins to have flashbacks as well as seeing terrifying demons.

Jeff Buhler, who wrote the Clive Barker adaptation The Midnight Meat Train, is currently writing the script for the Jacob's Ladder remake. Buhler is working off of a script that Jake Wade Wall started a few years ago. A director has not yet been chosen, but the studio is not looking to make a direct remake of the original 1990 movie. Instead, they want something that is more modern and uses the original source material as the basis of the story. The new report had this to say about the Jacob's Ladder remake.

"The plan is to contemporize the story with new situations and characters but still maintain a story that examines issues and poses existential questions."

Upon its release in 1990, Jacob's Ladder wasn't a box office sensation, though it did take the number one spot during its opening weekend, earning $7.5 million. The theatrical run took a steep dive afterwards, but still managed to pull in over $25 million domestically. Reactions were mixed, but many praised the story as well as the acting chops of Tim Robbins who gives a powerful performance. Since then, the movie has gained cult status, and is seen as one of the best horror-thrillers of the early 1990s.

Jacob's Ladder was a huge influence on the Silent Hill video game horror franchise. Additionally, Ryan Murphy, writer of the 2011 TV series American Horror Story: Asylum, also counted the film as an influence on the show. Kim Manners even prepared for directing The X-Files episode Grotesque by listening to the score from Jacob's Ladder. So, do we really need a remake of the film? That will probably be hotly debated by fans who believe that the original is as good as it's going to get.

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No director or cast has been set for the Jacob's Ladder remake at this time. Actor Michael Ealy was attached to the project back in 2016, but as previously noted, there has not been any news surrounding the remake until now. With that being said, the latest report does not mention Ealy's name, so it is safe to assume that all casting will be starting over. Additionally, no release date or production start has been announced, but that will all come once a director is set in place as well as a lead actor, which should be announced once the script is finished. You can check out more news about the Jacob's Ladder remake over at The Hollywood Reporter.

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