Anyone who follows Jaden Smith on Twitter knows that the teenage actor is a little off his rocker. He started off in Hollywood at a young age, starring in the Karate Kid remake, and has since followed in his parents' footsteps, becoming a hot star on the rise. But apparently, as he tells it, he used to walk amongst the dead!

No, really. While describing his Goth phase in an interview, courtsey of Project Casting, Jaden Smith claims he used to be a real-life vampire. But he has since been saved. Some might think this a bit of tongue and check banter from a very creative teenager, but at 18, sources say he was serious. While we don't actually believe he was a 'real' vampire, it is a fun story for Halloween.

Jaden Smith has become almost more well-known for his wild style and eccentric behavior than he has for his handful of movies. And he and his father Will Smith came under fire when they shared a passionate on-the-mouth kiss that some called questionable. Speaking with the French magazine Numero, Jaden made the bloodsucking admission no one was expecting. He says this in a non-joking tone.

"During a period of my life, I was Gothic... I was only wearing black and I was hiding from the sun because I was a vampire."

This isn't the first time an odd bit of dialogue has come from the young actor. And his Twitter account is full of philosophical statements that sometimes make no sense. Jaden Smith goes onto assure us that there is no need to bust out the garlic and wooden stakes. Because apparently, someone killed the head vampire of his clan a while back. He goes onto tell his fans that they have nothing to worry about.

"Now I'm not a vampire... I open myself up to wear more colorful things, to go out in daylight. I share much more mixed energy."

This all probably stems from the kid growing up in a very healthy artistic atmosphere that has allowed his imagination to run wild, something a lot of kids are deprived of nowadays. As long as he's not taking himself too seriously, this is all in good fun. The younger Smith got his acting start in the TV series All Of Us way back in 2003 at age 6 and then made his big screen debut alongside father Will Smith three years later in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, which came out in 2006. He also appeared in The Day the Earth Stood Still before landing the title role in The Karate Kid remake.

In 2013, Jaden and dad Will Smith reunited on the big screen in the huge box office bomb After Earth, which both actors had a difficult time recovering from. Jaden took a three year hiatus, returning in the Netflix series The Get Down, which he's won a lot of praise for, starring as Marcus 'Dizzee' Kipling, a young graffiti artists who begins to question his sexuality as he falls into the gay party scene of the 70s. Jaden doesn't have any vampire roles lined up for the immediate future. But he will return for Part 2 of The Get Down early next year.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange